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Eating Late

Question: What is the latest a person should eat? 8 or 9?

Justin Leonard: It depends. If you're trying to lose weight, then stop whenever you become inactive. This is usually around 7:00 - 8:00pm for most people. If you're trying to gain weight, it doesn't matter when you stop eating.

Super Slow Training

Question: What's your opinion on "Super Slow" weight training? Is it effective?

Justin Leonard: It works! In fact, "any" type of resistance training will work.

Need To Add Size

Question: I'm 5'10, 150. I'm looking to get bigger. I want to bulk up. I'm pretty skinny. I've been reading up and finding a lot about how I should up my protein intake. Can u suggest a supplement with a good protein to carb ratio? Like with a protein count of 50g or above preferably? Or whatever you feel is the best for my situation?

Justin Leonard: Sometimes additional protein is needed and sometimes it is not. You don't need 50g of protein per serving. Your body will only utilize maybe half that amount. Consider my choice for protein: Prolab's Whey Protein or Designer Protein by Next Nutrition. You could also go with a meal replacement that's high in protein and carbs such as Myoplex, Labrada, or Met-Rx.

3 Problem Areas

Question: I have been going to the gym regularly and I do a pretty good job of working all muscles. I don't have a lot of equipment available to me but I was wondering if you could give me some tips on three areas. One is defining my arms. I just cant seem to get the definition I want in my biceps area. Also my lower back. And last is the inner part of my legs. I have very nice slender legs with a fair amount of muscle, but the inner thighs I notice have gotten some meat on them and I don't really know what to do to get them in shape. I would appreciate your input.

Justin Leonard: Try not to focus on "exercise" to target these areas. Instead, look to the diet for the solution. Yes, your second main concern should be exercise, but it should be cardiovascular exercise. Lastly, target weight training should come into play. You can learn more from the following URL:


Why Eat More?

Question: Why is eating a lot of small meals a day better than eating a couple of big ones?

Justin Leonard: Your stomach will shrink as a result of eating several small meals per day. It also helps to speed up the metabolism because each meal represents a constant flow of energy. Big meals will cause your stomach muscles to elongate making your stomach appear fat.


Question: I have recently started working out regularly. I have lost about five pounds, but what I have noticed is that the veins in my arms, legs, pelvis and feet are really starting to show. I am wondering if this is a result of losing a little weight or if it is something more serious.

Justin Leonard: This is perfectly normal when you have low bodyfat levels. It is also an indication of your metabolism operating at peak levels. Now, on the other hand you know your body better than I do. If you feel something isn't right, see a doctor.

Skinny With A Gut

Question: I seem to have a unique problem. I'm very thin, but I have a little gut. What can I do to decrease my stomach size? I am trying to gain weight also by eating more, my stomach stills remains.

Justin Leonard: Slightly reduce the size of your meals, but eat more of them throughout the day. If you eat enough small meals, it will help you to gain weight as long as you exceed your normal caloric intake.

Personal Trainer Certification

Question: I am 40 years of age, 5'7", 186 pounds. I am interested in becoming a fitness instructor. While I am working on eating right and exercising at Ballys, what is the best/proper steps in becoming certified, and what correspondence school do you highly recommend. Also, I live in Chicago. If there is a physical school I can attend, I would not mind. Thank you.

Justin Leonard: It's very easy to become a certified personal trainer. You live in Chicago? You're in luck! The top organizations for certification visit just about every state year around. They will more than likely appear at your city's largest college campus or a convention center for orientations and actual testings. Below are links to the top three personal training certification organizations. You can find out more information on prerequisites, costs, and schedules on when they will be in your city:

American Council on Exercise

American College of Sports Medicine

International Sports Sciences Association

Protein & Carbs Confusing

Question: When trying to get shredded you cut carbs, then you're supposed to increase protein. This would increase calories right? Which would be counter productive since in order to get shredded you have to expend more calories than you take in right. Also if it's true that you have to expend more calories than you take in to lose weight it seems like you would have to do tons of cardio or starve yourself. Let's say you consume 1,500 calories per day and only burn 600 calories doing cardio and lifting. How could you ever expend more calories than you consume unless you kill yourself doing cardio or starve yourself to death?

Justin Leonard: That won't happen. What will happen is that your body will begin to burn fat as fuel if carbs are low. If you increase protein, rarely will you exceed your normal caloric intake. This is how the Atkins diet works. Your body begins to burn carbs and fat as energy as the result of high protein consumption. Also remember that you're "cutting" carbs (per your first sentence) which means less overall calories.


Question: Hey, I was recently performing squats, then I realized that I wasn't going down all the way. So how far exactly are you supposed to go down? Today I did 9 reps of squats going down as far as I possibly could, then I walked away from the bar and felt straining all around my legs. Some so painful I couldn't sit down for a few minutes. Did I do something wrong? Could you tell me what could be the problem? Thanks!

Justin Leonard: Full squats ARE NOT required for bigger legs. Any type of resistance training will make them grow. Squats put too much unnatural stress on the knees and joints, which will ultimately take its toll. Consider going half way down or just past the half way mark. Also, use squats as a secondary movement. For example, use 45 degree leg presses as your primary leg exercise, then try partial squats. Your joints will already be warmed up and prepared to handle the stress of squats.

Note: Squats are considered an advanced training movement. To be safe, it's best to avoid them completely if you have never performed them before.

Protein Consumption Times

Question: When are the best times of the day to take the protein mix. I read that in the morning, after a workout, and the last thing at night were the best times. Is this right?

Justin Leonard: Protein can be taken at any time of day. There is no best time of day to take it. Most use protein in between meals and last thing at night.

Fitness Equipment Guide

Question: Hi, I'm studying PE at RMIT, a college in Melbourne, Australia. I was wondering if you had any tests or journals regarding abdominal fitness equipment sold on TV and online, and whether they actually work? If you do, could you please send them to me? This would be much appreciated.

Justin Leonard: Definitely! I think you can highly benefit from our sister site, Fitness Infomercial Review.com!

Cycling Reps

Question: My question concerns cycling reps. I am very confused about it. I know it's used to shock muscles and there are 3 different phases. Please tell me:

1. How many reps should each phase consist of?
2. How long should each phase last?
3. What does each phase help

Justin Leonard: Each question is answered in order below:

1. Until failure or which ever number you choose. But it should change approximately every 3 - 5 workouts.

2. Each phase will last as long as you want it to last: 1 week, 2 weeks, or 6 weeks . . . whichever you choose.

3. Each phase is used to force the muscle to grow in new ways (shock). It is something that they're not used to so they grow quicker. It works!

Creatine Loading

Question: I took creatine for about 2 weeks. I did the loading phase and I got to busy and it has been 1 month since I took it. I'm going to start taking it again so should I do the loading phase again?

Justin Leonard: Creatine loading isn't needed. You'll get the same effect without loading. The "loading" trick is how supplement companies make their money . . . next thing you know, you're buying another bottle because it ran out so quickly.

Lower Abs

Question: I have trouble with my lower stomach. It's not huge by any means but I just wish that layer of fat can go away and I am sick of doing reverse crunches! Are there any other ways?

Justin Leonard: Reverse crunches do not help to target the lower abs. The entire ab region is trained as one big muscle. You can't target specific areas of the abs.

Here's a test you can do:

Lay down in the crunch position, touch your lower abs, then lift your upper back off of the ground. Did you feel that?

The diet is the best way to fix the abdominal region as a whole. For example, consider lowering your carb intake toward the end of the day. This will prevent excess carbs from being converted to fat while you sleep. You should notice a difference within a very short amount of time.

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