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Top 10 Weight Loss Tips Involving "No" Exercise
by Justin Leonard
Written on October 28, 2000

What's the best way to lose weight? Everyone knows that losing weight can be a chore. Many theories, concepts, strategies, and methods can make losing weight a difficult and confusing task. Working out can be a pain. It's also often inconvenient. With the proper techniques and facts, anyone can be off to the beach in no time. I will reveal my top 10 weight loss secrets that don't involve exercise.

Tip 1: Avoid Fad Diets

Fad diets can be dangerous because they generally don't include the needed nutrients for good health. These diets usually involve an unusual eating pattern (i.e. high protein, low carb), which can cause harmful side effects, even disease.

Tip 2: Cut Calories

This concept involves eating less food per meal. Try to eat smaller portions of the food you eat. By cutting calories, you literally "force" your body to burn fat.

Tip 3: Increase Meal Frequency

This is a very important step if you are trying to lose weight. The idea behind meal frequency is to increase metabolism speed in an effort to burn fat. This proven effective method works!

Tip 4: Cut Sodium

Decreasing salt from food prevents excess water retention. This is a negative because excess water retention only adds to the bulge, making those embarrassing areas more prominent.

Tip 5: Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Vegetables have literally no calories and are effective fat-burning tools because of their high fiber content. The best fiber sources include spinach, greens, green beans, lettuce, cauliflower, and broccoli.

Tip 6: Avoid Excess Simple Sugars

Examples of simple sugars are candy, soda, cookies, and refined sugar. This is an accident waiting to happen. When taken in excess, these goodies can turn into fat . . . Watch out!

Tip 7: Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is nothing but "empty calories." Alcohol consists of 7 calories to the gram. Alcohol has absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever . . . barley (calories in this case) just sits in your stomach and produces excess fatty stores. This is by far one of the biggest fat-producing culprits.

Tip 8: Avoid Late Night Eating

The reason late night eating needs to be avoided comes down to one main point: slow metabolism. When the body isn't moving or active, calories are being stored. These stored calories become a fat hatching ground. Be careful, late night eating is a sure way to gain unwanted pounds.

Tip 9: Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking water regulates vitamins and minerals. It also helps to reduce water retention as a result of excess sodium. This can ultimately result in inches lost from the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdominals. Water can also act as an appetite suppressant.

Tip 10: Avoid Excess Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates are also a form of sugar. Examples are bread, pasta, potatoes, and rice. They aren't necessarily sweet, but when broken down by body proteins, they take the form of any other sugar. Remember to eat complex carbs in moderation. Try to cut carb intake in half around 3:00pm. This will minimize the chances of carb-to-fat conversion.

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