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How to Use Supersetting to Maximize Gains
by Justin Leonard
Written on May 3, 2001

Are you looking for a breakthrough workout technique that can literally catapult your muscular gains? Consider the supersetting workout method to increase lean muscle mass.

You've probably heard of them as bi-sets, tri-sets, alternating sets, and so on. Each term means "supersetting." All use the same principle. The idea behind supersetting is to shock and confuse the muscles. This helps to stimulate the muscle being trained.

Here's how it works:

It's best to choose two different exercises for the same muscle group and perform them with no rest in between.

Lets' use the leg muscles as an example:

To train these muscles, you might choose squats as a primary exercises, and leg extensions as a secondary exercise.

After completing a set of squats at lets' say 10 repetitions, take a brief rest (enough to take a few breaths), then move to the leg extension machine. Finish by performing another 10 reps. You could even go until failure. Adjust the weight as needed. The standard is to use a light-medium weight.

Since your legs will be exhausted from squats, the leg extensions will cause the muscles to fatigue quickly.

After resting as long as you would normally, perform another superset using the same two exercises. Repeat the same routine as needed.

Want to get even more extreme? If you can handle it, you might try supersetting 3 different exercises. You would use the same technique mentioned before, only you would incorporate one additional exercise.

The effects of the supersetting technique will eventually fade the more you do it. That's why it's important to constantly switch your workout technique. Never let the muscles get used to your workouts. Constant change is a must.

Consider sticking with the supersetting technique for about 3 - 4 weeks, eliminate them completely for about 2 weeks, then repeat the process. This technique works!

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