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8 Ways to Build Strength
by Justin Leonard
Written on May 30, 2001

1. Increase Workout Intensity

You can increase your workout intensity by simply working with heavier weights or training with more power. Be sure to use a spotter when you increase workout intensity.


2. Rest

One of the most neglected, yet one of the most important aspects of training. Muscle rejuvenation helps to promote growth and strength. Take days or even weeks off occasionally to give the muscles a rest.

3. Be Consistent

The longer you're on a training program, the stronger you will get. Consistency is an essential strength building element.

4. Use a Partner

An excellent way to increase workout intensity! Partners can take your training to new heights by forcing you to maximize strength output.

5. Modify Your Diet

This technique works! Excessive sugar, fat, and sodium can slow you down. Optimize your diet by eating less of these nutrients. Consider increasing protein intake. Keep carbs high too (higher than protein).

In addition, you can generate incredible strength by eating "half" or smaller meals throughout the course of the day. Larger meals will slow you down.

6. Focus on Secondary Muscles

Another neglected part of building strength. Small muscles work in conjunction with big muscles. Don't overlook the smaller muscles! For example, building the inner thigh muscle or "adductor" will up your poundage on the squat or leg press. It works!

7. Supplement Your Diet

Lets' face it, some supplements work. In addition to multivitamins, you can boost your strength with power supplements such as L-glutamine, whey protein, meal replacements, and creatine.

8. Change Your Workouts Often

Don't get into a zone or your body will get used to your workout. Switch it regularly. Change gyms, use machines instead of free weights, workout in reverse order, superset, train with high reps, and train with low reps. Test different workout techniques regularly to figure what's best for your body.

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