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How to Gain Weight
by Justin Leonard
Written on November 30, 2000

What's the easiest way to gain weight? Which diet, training, and resting techniques work best? The following article will outline the hardcore truth about how to gain weight.

There are two factors to remember when trying to gain weight: (1) For most body types it takes a constant, high daily caloric intake. (2) The importance of rest. I hear the following statement often, "My metabolism is fast. I can eat anything, and won't gain a pound." This usually comes from beginning bodybuilders (hardgainer) wanting to add size.

Patience is the key for anyone trying to gain weight, especially for beginners. When a hardgainer starts out, their bodies are in a phase that inhibits rapid weight gain. They will gain weight, but it won't be as fast as they want. Through working out, they have no problem staying ripped and defined. This is perfectly normal.

Although these quick weight gains are possible, they sometimes come at a very slow pace due to adolescence or high metabolism. Many do not begin to noticeably gain weight until they are in their late teens or early twenties. On the other hand, some people can pack on weight with no problem. They don't have to eat ridiculous amounts of calories and they still stay huge.

Each person has a different body type or body structure which can be put into one of three categories: endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph.

The endomorph is someone who has underdeveloped muscles, sometimes has trouble losing weight, and generally gains muscle easily. This is that category most people fit in.

The ectomorph is skinny, lanky, flat-chested, lightly muscled, and has trouble gaining weight. Overall muscle growth for an ectomorph takes a long time due to a fast metabolism. An example of an ectomorph would be a marathon runner or a tall basketball player.

The mesomorph is a naturally muscled individual. Even at a young age, they can have the appearance of someone much older (physically). Mesomorphs are usually big-boned with thick skin. They gain weight easily and develop muscle at a much quicker pace than any other body type. Even if they were to lose weight, they would still look big, due to naturally bulky joints and wide shoulders. An example of a mesomorph would be a football player or pro wrestler.

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