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9 Weight Loss Tips
by Justin Leonard
Written on June 24, 2001

Tip 1: Try Herbal Tea

When urges for sweets and snacks arrive, try drinking herbal teas such as apple-cinnamon, almond, or orange. The preparation of tea alone actually helps to take your mind off of junk food. The heat from the tea fills you up, and the aroma helps to satisfy your cravings.

Tip 2: Limit High Carbohydrate Foods

To maximize the fat-burning process, it's best to gradually eliminate carbohydrates toward the end of the day. This minimizes your chances of storing fat late at night.

Tip 3: Don't Drink Alcohol

Alcohol contains too many empty (no nutritional value) calories which ultimately produce nothing but fat.

Tip 4: Motivate Yourself

Try to find an incentive for getting in shape and burning fat. Write down your goal and put it in a location you see everyday, such as your refrigerator. Motivation really keeps you going!

Tip 5: Use Low-Calorie Food Alternatives

Try to save as many calories as you can. Substitute water for soda, baked chicken for fried chicken, sub sandwiches for pizza, etc.

Tip 6: Don't Starve Yourself

Starving only promotes a bigger "rebound" effect because your body likes to hold on from what it is deprived of. Instead, fuel the body every 2 to 3 hours with small meals.

Tip 7: Drink 1 or More Glasses of Water Before Meals

This is to help fill the stomach and give you a full feeling. It works!

Tip 8: Be Consistent

No weight loss tips will work if you don't give them a chance. It may take a while to see results. Hang in there! Consistency is the key to effectiveness.

Tip 9: Don't Use the Scale

Scales can be misleading. For example, if you're losing bodyfat and bodyweight but gaining muscle, the scale won't necessarily reflect the difference between the two. Instead, monitor the inches you lose. Inches never lie!

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