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10 Weight Gain Diet Tips
by Justin Leonard
Written on October 28, 2000

Tip 1: Eat High Calorie Meals

High daily caloric intake is the first and most important step in gaining weight.

Tip 2: Eat 4 - 6 Times Per Day

Eating 4 - 6 meals a day helps ensure you are "always" eating and getting plenty of calories.

Tip 3: Eat High Carb & Protein Meals

This is the norm for all weight gain diets. Complex carbs should be the bulk of total calories, not protein.

Tip 4: Drink Water

Water is the best way to supplement any diet. It ensures proper regulation of food, vitamins, and minerals. It also ensures you get the full benefit from protein and carb absorption. It's the best supplement in the world by far!

Tip 5: Eat Late At Night

Late night eating helps to keep the body from burning too many calories during sleep.

Tip 6: Yo-Yo Or Cycle Your Diet

This is an excellent way to add mass. Try eating a normal high-calorie diet for about 4 days, then dramatically eat even more calories for the next 3 days. The body will have the same effect that people wanting to lose weight call "the rebound", except this rebound will be for the better.

Tip 7: Increase Sodium Intake

Slightly increasing daily sodium intake helps increase water retention. This underestimated mineral plays an important role in overall muscle growth.

Tip 8: Eat Red Meat

Red meat is probably the least in cost and the most effective type of meat for weight gain. Although red meat may be the preferred protein source for weight gain, it's important to vary protein sources to get the best results.

Tip 9: Supplement Meals With Protein Shakes

Protein shakes or meal replacement drinks taken with or in between meals helps to prevent muscle catabolism (breakdown). They also provide extra fill-in calories, convenient preparation, and aid in muscle recovery after workouts.

Tip 10: Eat & Rest

What good is a high-calorie meal if it is always being burned off due to an inadequate amount of rest? This does not necessarily mean constantly sleeping, it just means to ensure you get an adequate amount of rest/sleep (about 6 - 8 hours a day).

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